Piece together the mysterious toy box and uncover the secrets held within

The Toymaker’s Bequest is a 3D narrative puzzle game about the follies of human conceit.

As the player you come across a mysterious old, partially broken toy box, with a note encouraging you to unlock its secrets. With each level of the box the player is presented with a different toy, telling a different story. In order to play the story, you need to fix the toy by putting the broken pieces back together.

Think of it as a trial and error structure like debugging a game in the Unity Editor.
The player will gradually learn about the toymaker and her views on the world through her observations of surrounding characters. Each story reflects one of these characters presented as a different performance.
  • Toy box reference 0
  • Toy box reference 1
  • Toy box reference 2
  • Toy box reference 3
  • Toy box reference 4

Who are we looking for?

  • 3d Artist
  • Puzzle Designer
  • Technical Artist
  • Anyone interested

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